To the Turks and Caicos!


A low-lying archipelago of 40 islands just southeast of our beloved Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos are a gorgeous British territory in the Caribbean sea. Several years ago we had the joy of taking a quick getaway to the Royal West Indies Resort on Providenciales.

The Royal West Indies lies on the famous Grace Bay Beach. Though we’d been to other Caribbean locations, this was the first time we’d seen WATER THIS BLUE! Seriously, if you’ve not experienced the phenomenon of creeping slowly from behind low palm trees and shrubs, emerging onto an eye-wateringly bright white sand beach, and lifting your face to the sun sparkling on impossible shades of turquoise, royal, and sky blue colors, you haven’t lived! Even as we live in The Bahamas now, every day we pinch ourselves as we gaze out over the ocean, and tell ourselves that life can’t get much better.


I won’t burden you with too many details of our trip to the Turks and Caicos, except in the captions- enjoy!


turks caicos, grace bay beach, view, ocean

Grace Bay Beach, Provo, Turks and Caicos

storm clouds, grace bay beach, turks and caicos, view, caribbean

Storm clouds rolling past

map, turks and caicos, providenciales, caribbean, island

Map of Turks and Caicos, in town

pool, royal west indies resort, turks and caicos, providenciales, island, caribbean

Grounds and Pool of the Royal West Indies Resort

grace bay beach, turks and caicos, royal west indies resort, caribbean, island

View to the Beach, Royal West Indies Resort

coco bistro, turks and caicos, providenciales, caribbean, island, restaurant

Coco Bistro- Excellent Dinner!

conch farm, providenciales, turks and caicos, caribbean island, shells

A Visit to the Conch Farm

conch farm, stock pens, shells, caribbean fishing, island

Caicos Conch Farm Stock Pens

conch farm, caribbean conch fishing, island, turks and caicos

That’s Not His Tongue!

scooter rental, turks and caicos, providenciales, caribbean island

Had a great time renting this scooter to get around the island

turks and caicos happy faces

Happiness Is…

hibiscus flower royal west indies resort caribbean turks and caicos providenciales


walkway royal west indies resort turks and caicos, caribbean island, providenciales

Another view of the walkway around the Royal West Indies Resort

grace bay beach, turks and caicos, providenciales, caribbean island

One last view of Grace Bay Beach


Here are links to the Coco Bistro and the Conch Farm!


Let us know how you like the Turks and Caicos!





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2 thoughts on “To the Turks and Caicos!”

  1. Tina says:

    That lovely minimal horizon line of blue with the white sand, always makes me want to go sit on that sand or make a painting of it. I really liked seeing the live conch! Sea creatures are so interesting. Thanks for the warm beach break. It’s winter right now, so it’s cold and rainy on the beaches here in New Zealand.

    1. admin says:

      Hey Tina, we agree- and keep warm throughout your winter, by getting away sometime to a sunnier place! =) (If you can.) Yes, those conch are really interesting, and the Caribbean is having a rough time keeping fishermen from harvesting wild juvenile conch. These fishermen should be waiting for the conch to mature, or perhaps governments closing the season for periods of time would be a deterrent… But, like the seasons on many other sea creatures, it’s tough to monitor/enforce, unfortunately. Conch farms like this one are great to have.

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