king size quilt

Paulette’s quilts are nothing short of amazing. The soft cotton fabric, durable stitching, and frenzy of color will delight the owner! Use yours as a bedspread or warm throw blanket on a cool day. You can see through at the corners of each piece of cloth, making this unique item pretty over any surface. When Paulette was younger and not yet retired, she made these quilts and sold them to tourists and local residents, saving enough money to help send two of her daughters to college! Paulette has made them with a flat side and a gathered side- while the flat side is considered correct to display up, many people enjoy putting the “wrong” side up as well! Colorful and durable, can be washed easily by hand. You deserve one in your home today!


Twin Size: $1100

Double: $1650

Queen: $2200

King: $2750

Prices do not include shipping: please contact us at for ordering information.

In stock now: 1 King Size Quilt.


Quilts of other sizes can be requested with 50% down payment. Allow 6-8 weeks for the making of the quilt, and 4-6 weeks for subsequent delivery.

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