• Wampas! Flip Flop Shoes

    recycled tire flip flop shoes

    Believe it or not, Charlie also makes flip flops out of recycled tires!  He calls them "wampas," after the sound they make when you walk in them. The straps are made of Silver Palm leaf

  • Large Straw Market Basket

    large market basket

    Made of local Bahamian Silver Palm leaves by Charles Strachan of Waterford, Eleuthera, the Large Basket with two or four small handles is perfect for carrying any load. Or, use it in your

  • Quilts

    king size quilt

    Paulette’s quilts are nothing short of amazing. The soft cotton fabric, durable stitching, and frenzy of color will delight the owner! Use yours as a bedspread or warm throw blanket on a

  • Rectangular Cloth Placemats

    rectangular cloth placemat

    Made from soft cotton fabric, these one-of-a-kind placemats will be the topic of conversation over dinner. Paulette has made them with a flat side and a gathered side- while the flat

  • Round Straw Placemat

    round straw placemats

    Made of local Bahamian Silver Palm leaves and left plain or stitched with colorful raffia, these placemats are durable and beautiful at the same time. Backed with cotton cloth. Decorations