Handmade Wood Coffee Table


Do you wish you had a “conversation piece” in your home, a table that you will love to use and look at for years to come? This El Salvador coffee table is exactly what you’re looking for! The table is made from a slab of local South American Cedar (Cedrea/Meliaceae). Although classified cedar it is considered a hard wood.

The slab was found in the yard of an El Salvadorian wood cutter who makes rough furniture for his friends and neighbors.

There is an inlaid 9 1/2″ X 9 1/2″ tile made by Fernando Llort, one of the best known artists in Central America. The top is 60″ X 22″ and the finished table is 20″ high.

The legs have been added in the USA and are made of White Ash (Fraxinus Americana) grown in USA upper Midwest forests. The top was sanded and finished in San Salvador by a North American working in El Salvador and then shipped to the USA for completion.

Shipping cost listed is highest amount possible within the U.S.- we can refund the difference if shipping is less because of your location.

Make this gorgeous piece a part of your home today.  $1119.00 (includes shipping)

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