• Small Straw Nesting Baskets from Mexico

    nesting baskets

    SOLD These adorable nesting containers can be displayed or used daily to house any small items you wish. Jewelry, coins, paper clips, hair bands- the list is endless! Sold together for

  • Red Clay Pottery Bowls

    red clay pottery bowls

    SOLD These handpainted red clay pottery bowls from Portugal will delight your guests and be useful, decorative pieces for years to come in your home. While we don't know the artisan in

  • Okra Decoration


    Okra decorations for your wall or to hang as an ornament. Made from the okra plant, and adorned with green beach glass from Eleuthera, these little decorations will be sure to delight your

  • Straw Hats by Charlie

    Charlie's hats

    Each hat is a unique creation, made of Silver Palm fronds with different weaves. Fashionable and functional! All hats are $30 plus shipping- please contact us at

  • Rugs and Mats by Charlie


    Made of local Bahamian Silver Palm leaves by Charlie, all rugs and mats are works of art! Charlie uses different weaves called "11 String," "Pearl," "Spider Web," "Shingle," and others in