• Walking Meditation

    labyrinth garden stone

    As spring teases us here in the Midwestern United States, I love watching the emergence of people from their homes, like babies taking their first steps outside on the grass on a sunny,

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  • On Sandbars, Privilege, and Gratitude

    beach to ourselves

    The wonderful travel blogger Jeannie Mark at Nomadic Chick recently wrote a blog post that really resonated with me. (Actually, most of her posts do!) She wrote about how much she

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  • Gettysburg Ghosts

    Fence & soggy path, Gettysburg Battlefield

    Our tour guide was an intelligent, unassuming young woman who deftly managed our large group. Considering the fact that it was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit on this still, quiet December

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  • A Weekend in Ireland

    Dublin from deposit photos

    For some reason, I've seen quite a few blog posts about Ireland recently. I think it was this one on the blog of Janet Newenham that got me thinking about a trip to Ireland that my mom and

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  • Putting it in Words


    Sometimes we come across things that just plain delight us. You may have seen this before, but there's a great Tumblr blog called "Otherwordly," its title a play on words itself. Within is

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