Thanks for visiting From Around the Globe! We’re Scott and Sarah, a couple that loves to travel! Like you, we also really enjoy visiting with the local artisans wherever we go, admiring their crafts and taking home a piece of the culture. From Around the Globe is here to bring the fine work of these artists directly to you, wherever you are! Friends of our site can read the stories of artisans, purchase gorgeous and useful products, donate to small businesses in developing countries through, and engage with the community on our blog.


The idea for From Around the Globe came to us when we visited Belize several years ago. We had such a great time talking with a local artist who created beautiful wall art, and we couldn’t believe he had no way of getting the word out to more than just tourists that these gems were for sale! We also learned that many talented artisans in other countries often don’t receive a fair price for their work. We knew that one day we’d return to Belize, and begin the process of highlighting the work of these artisans on our own website. We wanted anyone back in the U.S. or other countries to bring home their own piece of the culture and make their spaces beautiful with exotic things, while belonging to “something big” as they helped support the communities and artisans who made these products.


Our first product for sale actually came about when Sarah’s dad, Jerry, living temporarily in El Salvador, created a beautiful wood coffee table and wall art made just from huge wood slabs the locals sold on the side of the road. The coffee table is for sale on our site, and includes a gorgeous tile made by the one and only Fernando Llort! So many people admired this work, that we decided we had to share it and much more with people everywhere! Now on our site we have highlighted the work of local artisans from El Salvador, Russia, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Africa. As we travel more in the future, From Around the Globe will showcase the art and craft of many other artisans around the world!


If traveling with a purpose and consciously purchasing artisan products online are important to you, you’re in the right place.



Please go ahead and browse through the items here, and be sure to check out our travel blog as well. Leave a comment or contact us with your own stories, too! We love to hear from others about their travels or travel dreams, and the people they meet.


 About Our Blog

We like to call our blog “On the Loose,” for a few different reasons.


Definition: Adj. 1. on the loose – having escaped, especially from confinement; at large, escaped, loose, free – able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint.


We’ve lived in different parts of the U.S. for all our lives. We have kids, jobs, family, friends, and we’ve had fun in lots of places. Now we’re moving on, venturing further, free in a different way; now we’re On the Loose.


So in search of love and laughter, we’ll be traveling ‘cross the land

Never sure of where we’re going, for we haven’t any plan

Now we know that we are ready, and we hold each other’s hand

And together we share life out on the loose.

-from “On the Loose,” by Judith Keller, copyright 1971 (words altered)