From Around the Globe

Global connection. Artisans in communities around the globe creating one-of-a-kind items; you, making your home beautiful with these creations, and supporting the artisans who made them. Here at From Around the Globe, we strive to bring the unique products of artists in other countries to a wide, appreciating audience- we believe everyone should be able to own a work of art, and feel good about helping the talented artist who created it. We travel to countries outside the U.S. where artisans show their wares to a limited market. Working with these artisans, we showcase their items here on our website to be sure they reach more and more admiring people like you every day. Whether you travel or dream of traveling, love to support hardworking individuals, or just appreciate great art and crafts, we invite you to browse the products here and engage with folks on our blog, On the Loose. We look forward to hearing from you! United, we succeed in sustaining struggling artists and making our living spaces beautiful. Belong to something big.